Christchurch New Zealand (Ōtautahi Aotearoa) is our lovely Garden City.  The 2010 earthquake has scared Christchurch badly, but there are many positives come out from it. 2021 is going to be a great year for exploring Christchurch City.

Christchurch New Zealand Our City

  • Christchurch Events
  • 22 – 30 April 2023 FIH Hockey Pro League @Ngā Puna Wai (w)
  • 6 May 2023 The Crusaders 4.35pm @ Orangetheory Stadium (w)
  • 13 May 2023 The Crusaders 7.05pm @ Orangetheory Stadium (w)
  • 17 May 2023 The Crusaders 4.35pm @ Orangetheory Stadium (w)
  • 16 – 29 June 2023 Cirque du Soleil’s CRYSTAL @ Arena (w)
  • 19 – 20 June 2023 E Tipu (IFAMA) 2023 World Conference (w)
  • 20 July – 20 Aug 2023 FIFA Women Football World Cup 2023 (w)
  • 5 – 6 Aug 2023 Christchurch Go Green Expo 2023 (w)
  • 26 Aug 2023 Noteworthy – 150 years of University of Canterbury (w)
  • 11 – 12 November 2023 FAST5 Netball World Series (w)
  • More Christchurch Events (w)

Christchurch City 

  1. Cathedral Square

    Christchurch Square remaining damaged from the earthquake (photo on 13 Jan 19).
  2. Art Gallery (w) Reels Video
    Christchurch B&B Ron Mueck
    The stunning art collection that is free to public.
  3. Avon River (w)
    The Avon River / Ōtākaro flows through the centre of the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. One of my favorite place to watch ducks, eels and trouts.
    (YouTube) (Instagram)
  4. Christchurch Botanical Garden (w) Reels Video
    Christchurch Botanical Garden offers a great collection of plants and green spaces and is part of the Christchurch Central Hagley Park.
    Ilex cafe (Reels) in the garden offers great coffee and lite meal.
    Christchurch Botanical Garden Designer Cottage B&B
  5. Art Center (w)
    Forma Canterbury University now home to many locals artist studios and galleries.
  6. Canterbury Museum Closed 2023 – 2028 (w)
    Christchurch Canterbury Museum
    Great collections and storytelling about the City.  (Best day to visit during raining or cold day).
  7. Tram (w)
    Christchurch Tram Restaurant by Designer Cottage B&B
    Best way to explore the City Centre by Tram.  Try the yummy Dimitris Greek Food, Rollickin Gelato Cafe and many other food options in the newly launch Riverside Market (W).
    Christchurch Riverside Market 1Christchurch Riverside Market Designer Cottage B&B
  8. Christchurch Riverside Market  (W) YouTube
  9. New Regent Street (w)
    Christchurch B&B New Regent Street
    IMG_20171212_175823New Regent St Rollickin Gelato.jpg
    (You Tube)
    Opened in 1932, New Regent Street in central Christchurch with its stunning colourful Heritage facades that are home to many cafes and boutique businesses.  Our favorite ice cream shop Rollicking Gelato is a must …
  10. Cardboard Cathedral (w)
    Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral
    This temporary Cathedral has been constructed using large cardboard tubes designed by famous Japanese Architect.

  11. Christchurch Designer Private Garden (w)


Christchurch Designer Garden
Christchurch Designer Garden

Chet is a registered (NZILA) landscape architect trained in New Zealand and the United States. Currently, he is working on selected Christchurch & Malaysia private projects. Chet formerly worked for Davie Lovell Smith, Christchurch as a senior landscape architect and was an invited lecturer at Lincoln University. Christchurch Designer Garden has been home to Chet for the last 18 years, and Designer Cottage is one of his first homes that is truly inspiring. This Christchurch designer garden is by invitation only.

  • The Crossing (w) & Ballantynes (w)


Ballantynes cafe
Christchurch Ballantynes cafe

Ballantynes was established in 1854 and was originally named Dunstable House by its founders David Clarkson.
Guthrey Centre – The Sweet Soul Patisserie (w) a must eat deset cafe in town.
Christchurch Sweet SoulChristchurch Sweet Soul 3Christchurch Sweet Soul 2

The Crossing
is CHRISTCHURCH’S NEW RETAIL HEART, they welcomes the finest international and local brands to Christchurch’s

  • The Colombo Mall (w)
    The ColomboColombo Mall
    The Colombo stands as one of Canterbury’s elite retail and entertainment establishments that’s only few minutes walk from the Designer Cottage B&B.  The Colombo is its harmonious blend of retailers, including an arts cinema, European-style bars, decadent culinary providers and many fashion, beauty and home ware boutiques.
    Hello Sunday cafe (w) nearby The Colombo is Christchurch Awards winning cafe.
    IMG_20171130_143309.jpgChristchurch Hello Sunday cafehello-sunday-cafe.jpg
  • 5th Street (w) Instagram Reels unique and the best dinner restaurant in Christchurch Sydenham
  • Cafe Valentino Restaurant & Bar (w) Reels
    Dinner restaurant.  Highly recommended to book in advance (03) 3771886

  • Dean Bush – Saturday Christchurch Farmers Market (w)Christchurch B&B Christchurch Farmers Market
    A unique remaining 4 ha. native Kahikatea New Zealand forest that remaining in Christchurch City center. The Saturday market is worth going if you are in Christchurch during Saturday morning.
  • Mona Vale (w)
    A stunning privately owned homestead now a Christchurch public park that is free to the public.  Also a popular venue for wedding.



Christchurch B&B monavale
Mona Vale Christchurch Autumn 2020
Christchurch B&B Mona Vale.jpg
  • Lyttelton HarbourSaturday Market (w) (YouTube)
    Eruption Brewing on London Street offer great coffee too (w)
    Bridle Path, Christchurch Gondola (w) and  Ferrymead Heritage Park (w) are close by.
    ActivePhoto_20181006_115117.jpglyttelton Eruption BrewingChristchurch B&B Coffee Company
  • Sumner Beach (w)
    Christchurch B&B Sumner beachGreat Place for sun soaking and walkabout this lazy beach village setting. Cafes, restaurants and shops are popular here.


    Christchurch B&B Sumner BeachSumner Beach
    Taylors Mistake close by with Kiwiana holidays baches.

  • The Sign of the Takahe (w) Lookout View
    Christchurch Bed and Breakfast Sign of Takahe
    The Sign of the Kiwi (w)
    Christchurch Great Lookout or even a short hike from Takahe to the Kiwi.
  • New Brighton Pier (w)
    The original wooden pier was destroyed by  fire and was demolished on 12 Oct 1965, and the newly constructed pier was opened on 1 Nov 1997. After $8.5 million earthquake repair it is now reopen to the public again.
    New Brighton Pier


    Cafe in Christchurch

  • Portershed Specialty Cafe (w)
    322 Lincoln Rd, Addington, Christchurch 8024
  • Raw Suger Cafe (w)  Christchurch vegan and vegetarian cafe
    Raw Suger Christchurch 1Christchurch Raw Suger Vegetarian


    Akaroa Day Trip 

  • Little River
    Little River Art Gallery (w) & CAFE
    is one of my favorite day trip from Christchurch, and the citrus date scones are to die for.
    Little River Gallery
  • Akaroa Hill Top Tavern (w) Lookout 
    Christchurch B&B Akaroa
  • Akaroa Giant House (w)
    The Giant’s House – A historic Akaroa house with original artworks, terraced gardens with sculptures and mosaics. Very Unique. A creative feast and a wonderful experience. A great art work by Josie
    Giant House
    Akaroa swiming with dolphins by Black Cat (w)
    Akaroa chet wah swiming with dolphins .jpg
    or visit Pohatu Penguins Tours (w)
    Pohatu PenguinsThe Garden French Farm Akaroa (w) YouTube
    Akaroa French Farm
    Shamarra Alpacas (w)
    Shamarra Alpacas
  • More to come-


    Christchurch Adventure Park (w)
    Port Hills & The Sign of the Kiwi (w)
    Air Force Museum YouTube (w)Place to Eat in Sydenham
    5thStreet (w)
    Burgers & Beers (w)
    Pearl Indian (w)
    Pedro’s Lamb (w)
    Casbah (w)
    The Colombo Food & Drink (w)
    Lone Star Manchester St (w) Great foods with avarage sevice
    Christchurch Lone Star.jpg

CHRISTCHURCH included in CNN’s list places to visit in 2019 (w) by The Press 8 Jan 19

We have prepared this page as a useful guide for our guests, and contains no paid advertisements. 

Christchurch Kia Kaha Sayyad
Chrischurch we are one
The hardest thing for me today (17 March 2019) is visiting my friends that lost his son last Friday. Hugging the father John and my tears just non stop streaming down my face.  I just kept saying ‘so sorry’ from the bottom of my heart. The parents invited us to remember Sayyad by signing his most loved football. I am honored.  Chet Wah
We are one Kia Kaha

January 2019 (Buskers 2019 YouTube) 

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