Christchurch cafe offers great coffee and cultural experience.

I have been addicted to coffee since my time with a design consultancy in Christchurch.  These are some of the Christchurch cafes I can highly recommended.

1. Hello Sunday Cafe (w)

One of my favorite cafes located in trendy Sydenham and is within walking distance from Designer Cottage B&B Hello Sunday serving one of the best coffee with great food options. 03-260 1566

6 Elgin St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

Christchurch B&B Hello Sunday cafe
Christchurch B&B Hello Sunday cafe CoffeesChristchurch B&B Hello Sunday cafe CoffeeChristchurch B&B Hello Sunday cafe salad


2. Portershed Specialty Cafe (w)

Christchurch Portershed Foods 2

3. Raw Sugar Cafe (w)

also know as a great vegetarian cafe.

Christchurch Raw Suger Vegetarian


4. Addington Coffee Co-op (w)

One of the best and friendly coffee place in town. The coffee is always prefect and the yummy date-scones are to die for.  03 – 943 1662

297 Lincoln Rd, Addington Christchurch NZ.

Christchurch Cafe Coffee co.

Christchurch B&B Addingtoncoffee co-opChristchurch B&B Addingtoncoffee SconesChristchurch B&B Addingtoncoffee


5. Supreme cafe Christchurch (w)

They do great coffee and offer sparkling water.

Christchurch Cafe Supreme

6. Ilex Cafe @ Christchurch Botanical Garden (w)

Stunning landscape and views that out do the coffee but the date scones are still pretty good.

Christchurch B&B Ilex cafe

Christchurch B&B Ilex cafe date scones

7. Coffee Culture Crossing (w)

Christchurch Cafe culture

8.  The sign of Kiwi cafe (w)

Average coffee but the scones and the hilltop view is to die for.

Christchurch cafe Sign of Kiwi


9. Little River Cafe (w)

Just a bit outside of Christchurch but worth the drive.

Little River Gallery