Watch this garden Live on Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) FB page.

Christchurch bed and breakfast_ Designer Cottage_garden

Boysenberry harvest from the Garden (watch live on FB) December 2020

Water pump
Grapes and Apple Season in the Garden February.
Christchurch B&B Pear Tree
We dehydrate our fresh pears and store in recycled jam bottles.
Christchurch BnB garden
Kniphofia NZ flowers in December always reminding us about the not so far away Christmas is coming. Merry Christmas to you all.


Christchurch B&B Lavender GardenChristchurch Designer Cottage Garden 2019/20 Youtube Link


Christchurch B&B Yoga Lady Pink Rose
Christchurch B&B Designer Cottage Garden


Christchurch B&B Garden Bird

EXPLORE Christchurch Award Winning 2019 Designer Cottage B&B Garden

Christchurch B&B 2019 Garden Awards (4)

One of our popular Garden Art in the Courtyard of The B&B. Fill with Fruit trees and cultural lawn… just a bit of Kiwiana fun

Christchurch B&B Garden butterfly Red Admiral

All balcks duck at Designer GardenChristchurch B&B Gardenchristchurch b&b designer cottage garden





Little things in our life might become the sweetest things in our memories when time goes by…

Christchurch Designer Cottage Kiwi Fruit


Designer Cottage garden and arts offer a glimpse of what heritage and cultural once established around the house and cottages.
This tricycles may connect some memories of our childhood

Street art printed on canvas with Mum in it, and the cat (Marmite) adopted us at the Designer Cottage B&B… She checked-in and just never checked-out.

Marmite the Cat
Marmite The Cat that adopted us many years ago. (Watch Marmite on YouTube) 

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