@ Christchurch Bed and Breakfast Designer Cottage

Marmite …

Christchurch cat
Look at that Face …. too cute is a crime

Christchurch bed and Breakfast_Merry Christmas 2020

Christchurch Bed and Breakfast _ Designer Cottage

Cage Free Cat Marmite

Christchurch B&B Cat 1_2020_Dec

Marmite 2020

Christchurch B&B Cat Co
“I had nothing to do with this… ” Marmite during Covid-19 lockdown

We encourage you to adopt a stray cat … unexpected colorful outcome in our everyday life.  Companionship, joy, love and some painful scratches. What are you waiting for!

Christchurch B&B Cat

Marmite adopted us 10 years ago, and she is a home cat and becomes part of our everyday life.

Christchurch B&B Cat Marmite on Fence
I am not silly … just wanna have fun (March 2020)

Christchurch B&B Christchurch Cat 3
Strawberry blonde – The Look of a possum stunned by car lights at night.

Christchurch B&B Cat lawn

Roam Free @ Designer Cottage garden… sleep freely and naked on the lawn 24 Dec 2019

Christchurch B&B Cat marmite

Christchurch B&B Cat tiger

Hunting like a tiger … 28 Dec 2019

Christchurch B&B Cat 1

If you think your Christmas was full on, Marmite is still recovering on Boxing day.

Christchurch B&B Cat Cute

She looks so cute yet can be so evil …

Christchurch B&B Cat cut