Sydenham Art Space what is art

CHRISTCHURCH Art space 2020… an alternative art in space.

If you are interested to showcase your art piece in Sydenham Art Space.

Talk to us… +64.21.2105282

Sydenham Artspace Scarecrow
1 Albemarle Street @ Sydenham Art Space

Christchurch Sydenham Art Space Garden art Scarecrow is making the weeds and empty section meaningful again.

What is art? What is wanted and unwanted in our life?

Let us all designers demonstrate our skills to the world by using unwanted materials through up-cycling and reusing the to beautify our community again.  Little things do make a difference… share your love !

Designer Policy : Just having fund, no one to impress.

Sydenham Art Space cat
1 Albemarle street Sydenham Marmite and bird